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The Jorge Cruise Show is live every day at 3:00 pm PST on This podcast answers all your questions regarding health, fitness, and motivation. 


Jan 16, 2018

Exercise helps you feel good. Today, I will teach you multiple ways to improve your mood and then we'll do an exercise together guaranteed to leave you feeling happy!

Jan 15, 2018

Happy Monday! Today's topic is Let Freedom Ring and I will be teaching you about the emotion wheel. Let's have a great week! 

Jan 12, 2018

Today's podcast features Brooke Burke-Charvet as she tells us how to stay fit as a busy television personnel, author, and mom-of-four!

Jan 11, 2018

Tune in today to learn about the natural remedies you can use if you are struggling with falling asleep at night. If you don't get enough sleep, science shows that it increases your cortisol levels which leads to belly fat. Learn today how to sleep better tonight, lower cortisol levels, and lose belly fat! 

Jan 10, 2018

Welcome to Wednesday's podcast! Today we are talking about the top 5 healthy fats we all need for a balanced diet. Join me to learn how to eat fat to get fit!